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Söftware Live Video

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October 2005

This is a clip from the show at the Gladstone with the big PAIA modular analog synthesizer. This is a long clip bit it has some pretty decent live sequencing. Everything we do is totally improvised and we dont use computers. Toastybird does the live visuals.

June 2002

This is a clip from 2002 at C'est What in Toronto. This was before the big modular when we were using life Logic and Reason along with the "Wall of Electrix" including the Repeater. This is a tasty bit at the end of a set which is very Brian Eno inspired.

August 2003

This clip is from a 2003 show which was the first show we did with the restored PAIA modular. For this show we used only analogue equipment: the sequencing was done with PAIA step sequencers only, the drums are a Kord Rhythm 55 through an analogue filter and paul plays the Roland GR700. This clip includes some solos on the minimoog and GR700.

November 2005

Another clip from Terry's cam - this is a cool shot of the doepfer sequencers and a nice seque in the music. Everything we performs is TOTALLY improvised including all the sequences.

November 2005

This is from the Ambient Ping show in Toronto in November 2005. This show featured a sequential circuits six trak and more sophisticated step sequencing. This was shot by Terry.

April 2005

The electronic prog rock / ambient / electronica band Software in Toronto. A tasty mix of live improvised, step sequencer, analog modular synthesizers, minimoogs and electric and synthesized guitars.


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